Help! How does it really work? And why?


The world of horses is full of traditions and unspoken laws, but times are changing. Horse knowledge has always been passed on from generation to generation, pretty much without questions being asked. However, the  horse-lovers of today are more critical and self-conscious. Especially, the availability of free and public acces to (mobile) internet and the huge amount of information that people can find on the web, makes it easier for people to find their own knowledge. Horse-people seem to ask themselves more often how things really work and why certain cases are the way they are.

When you start searching for horse-knowledge you will notice that there is indeed a lot of information available, but the intrinsic value of that information is often unclear. What to trust? How can you distinguish the facts from the opinions? With ‘ The Horse In Depth’ I would like to change that for you. In collaboration with experts in the concerning fields of interest, I combine the facts and the related background information in e-learning courses. The number of e-learning courses will increase over time, but development of high quality information material is time consuming. If you have any request or advice for future topics, please let me know!