Eye health investigated in the Polish Arab

Polish Scientists have investigated what the current status is of eye-health in the Polish Arab. In total 60 op the 615 horses had at least one eqys problem, which equals 9.75% of the population. This is lower than in most other breeds. The least affected were the young horses, with 6% of the horses. In adult horses 11.5 %, and in elder horses 25.9% of the horses were affected by at least one eye problem.

It appeared that ERU (equine recurrent uveitis) was the most common eye problem. In total 34 (of the 60, so 56,7% of the horses with an eye problem) of the horses showed clinical symptoms of  ERU, which is equal to 5.5% of the Polish Arabs in this research. It clearly occurred more frequently in elder horses, than in the rest of the horses: 15.5% in elder horses, 4.5% in adult horses, and 3.7% in young horses (the latter two percentages were not significantly different).

For this research the scientists got collaboration from the three large breeding farms in Poland, who together owned 615 horses: 425 mares and 190 stallions, varying in age from 6 month to 33 years. The horses on these farms represent 15% of the total Polish population of Polish Arabian horses.

The results were compatible between the three breeding farms, and also between mares and stallions. Most horses with impaired eye health were diagnosed with more than one eye problem.

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